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Moodle/Technology Integration Trainings created by Jon Fila
  • This is an example of what a default Moodle course looks like and examples of the various Resource and Activity types. Click on each one to see what it looks like to the user. This course is available for download.

  • Staff training for how to use the Moodle course management software. Approx. 20 hr. training. Most of the time is scheduled for individual development time.

  • Face to face meetings: ******
    Provides Moodle instruction, tips on becoming an effective online teacher, and instructions for course/curriculum alignment to the MN state academic standards.

    Participants will have an opportunity to create a full semester course online through this 40 hour course. There will be 2 face to face meetings.
  • For staff currently using moodle. This space can be used for support; collaboration; resource sharing; etc.